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It’s been a year since the release of Final Cut Pro X, and there are several retrospectives being posted around the post production blogosphere.

However, I decided to go in a different direction for this post to take a look at Final Cut Pro 7, one year later, and see how well it still holds up.

When Apple effectively killed Final Cut Pro 7 (and all it’s companion apps) last year, I immediately stopped working with it. I finished up what projects I had, and any new projects immediately went into Avid. Having been in this business long enough to become proficient in several obsolete pieces of software (see my Editor’s Wake series), I knew that any additional work in polishing my FCP skills would be time wasted.  It would benefit me more to learn how to optimize my other editing tools for what I had used FCP for, rather than hang on to an obsolete skill set. Now, that wasn’t to say I wasn’t miffed about having 10 years of FCP knowledge suddenly become useless overnight, but hey, life is change.

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Among the several announcements made at the 2012 WWDC today, only one was related to the professional Mac user. The release of the new MacBook Pro and it’s Retina Display varient.

What actually spoke volumes was the silence about the other changes to the Pro Mac line-up that happened.

The End of the 17″ MacBook Pro

Apple quietly removed the 17″ MacBook Pro from it’s web site today. The last remnant of a once proud portable workstation class of computers is no more. Evidently Apple believes that professionals no longer need either 1) portability, or 2) a workstation class computer.

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