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kismetTechnicolor. When you say the name it harkens back to the golden age studio era. It brings to mind the larger-than-life stars of the silver-screen, epic production values, and a hyper-vibrant punchy, onslaught of color that overwhelms the eye. While the complicated technological and chemical process of 3-strip Technicolor film is no longer available to filmmakers, we can approximate the signature Technicolor look digitally in DaVinci Resolve. The benefits to using Resolve instead are: you can process it on your own computer rather than at an industrial lab; you have much more control over the final image; you do not have to worry about the hassles of shooting at ASA 5; and you save yourself about a metric ton of film-stock in the process. Let’s get started… Read More 3 Strip Technicolor Look in DaVinci Resolve

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