Friday Web Refresh- March 25 2011

Each Friday, I take a look at some of the week’s most interesting stories on the web for film and video technology.

The big news this week was the announcement of Sony’s NEX-FS100U. A Super 35mm sized sensor, with interchangeable e-mount lenses, and unique form factor has sent the production community into a buzz. Some early first-looks at pre-production cameras have been making the rounds to different opinions.

Nigel Cooper’s review at DVuser, was somewhat negative, not necessarily about the picture quality, but about the ergonomics and build quality of his test unit. As someone who has spent a lot of time with pre-production camcorders, they usually are pretty flimsy, and unpolished in terms of  feel and construction. They are usually kludged together, and haven’t gone through the tolerances and QC checks yet. So I’d withhold judgement on build quality until the production models come out.

Den Lennie at Fstop Academy, had a much more favorable first impression, and actually completed a music video project on the Pre-Production model NEX-FS100U. You can check out the finished product and his thoughts on using the camcorder at the above link.

While NAB 2011 is only two weeks away, which means there’s not a lot of product announcements in the meantime, Convergent Designs of NanoFlash fame has said they will be showcasing a new product called the Gemini 4:4:4, which as the name suggests, is a 4:4:4 recorder that will record in multiple formats up to onto dual SSD drives. The Gemini recorder is also a small field monitor, that accepts dual-link HDSDI signals.

Those great guys Terrence and Philip at the coincidentally named Terrence and Philip Show, came out with a new podcast episode about how the recent Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan have brought a videotape shortage, and what this may mean for delivery and archiving going forward. These guys make a great podcast, and if you’re in post at all, you should definitely subscribe.


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