New Final Cut Pro Coming Next Week?

The internet is abuzz (Pro Video Coalition) with the fact that Apple has decided to take over the entire Final Cut Pro User’s Group Las Vegas Supermeet. This really could only mean that as suspected, Apple will be announcing the next version of Final Cut Studio on April 12th 2011.

There’s been a lot of speculation about the next version of Final Cut, and some select group of editors and industry professionals have already seen it in action. I don’t think I’m alone in thinking a full refresh is way overdue. Final Cut version 7, was barely an upgrade, and the code itself shows its age. I often refer to FCP as “Render Cut Pro”, as it seems that the majority of the time I’m rendering or transcoding instead of editing. This is by far the first issue with FCP that Apple should address. Seriously, it’s 2011 now, why do I still need to render anything? Frankly, any time I spend rendering or transcoding is wasted time, and I’m simply not going to put up with it anymore. My next personal NLE purchase is going to the company that can keep me cutting, and not rendering. Adobe has the spectacular Mercury Playback Engine, Avid has AMA, FCP has me transcoding.

I have been patiently waiting to see what Apple’s got up their sleeves, and I’m as giddy as a school girl to see what the new version holds. I was a fairly early adopter of FCP (version 2), and have owned every version since then, but if the rendering/transcoding swamp is not drained in this release, I’m moving on.

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