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Thanks to the good folks over at LSV and Sony, I was able to spend an hour or two with the new Sony F55 CineAlta 4K digital cinema camera. Of course the big draw of this camera is it’s ability to shoot 4K raw (with the AXS-R5 recorder), its global shutter, and the ultra-wide color gamut of its big brother the F65.

I wanted to get some test footage of both the Sony RAW and XAVC flavors of 4K and drop them in Resolve and push them around a bit, to see how they held up in grading. This is not a really exhaustive test, as we only had the camera for about three hours, and it was beta firmware. It’s more of a first look and general idea of what you’d get out of the shipping model.


The Sony reps came by yesterday to let us check out the new FS700 NXCAM, and another local vendor came with a new set of Leica Summilux-C Cinema lenses, so it seemed like a great opportunity to grab some test footage!

First of all, this is not a review, as we only were able to have the camera in house for a few hours, but more of a first impressions of the Sony NEX FS700. It’s a bit larger than the FS100, but has the same basic form factor. The main handling differences are the large ring with the built in ND filters at the front, and the re-positioning of the XLR inputs to the side. The big news is of course that it is 4K “ready” and does some pretty impressive slow-motion.

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Got to spend only an hour or so with the Sony NEX-FS100U yesterday, thanks to our friends at Expandore. So this isn’t a full review, just a quick look I got in between meetings. My first impressions are actually pretty favorable. If you’ve used an EX-1 or EX-3, this functions pretty much the same, and there will be no real learning curve.

First off, the construction of the camera was actually very good. Sure it was no Arri or Leica like tank, but it felt exactly the same as our EX-1’s in terms of build, solid and serviceable. So if you’re happy with the construction of those cameras, you’ll be happy with the FS100U.

The LCD was nice, and crisp, and can be placed for any viewing angle except under the camera. The included viewfinder was a bit ungainly, but worked well once it was set and locked, in case you’re out in the bright sunshine.

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